UILOCATE Creative Eco-System

Creative Eco-System

The Brand Identity Ecosystem takes three major existing concepts; the dynamic content management system; user experience interface design; content strategy; and merges them into a strong but agile online presence that allows for flexible yet proactive social media participation, engagement, all the while keeping business goals at the forefront of evaluation.

Area of Expertise


Sustainable Branding

Attention to Small Details - Focusing on details does require efforts, but it is an established fact that if you focus on the small details of a project, the end result will be a more polished design.
Thinking Differently - Stepping out of one’s creative realm is not rocket science; all it requires is a desire to discover ways in which an already existing and impressive design can be improved.

The Process



The entire system from which creative exercises emerges, including three basic elements, the centrally involved creative individual(s), the creative project, and the creative evironment, as well as the functional relationships which connect the artists at UILocate.
Translating your creative ideas into workable concepts, crafting the user experience, building strong and lasting creative solutions.

The Essence

UILOCATE = Creativity + Innovation

We focus on building dynamic ecosystems centered around technology and product design engagement. Turning great stories into conversations and loyalty, lasting impressions into relationships and campaigns into conversions. Using technology to our advantage, we build intelligent brand experiences for our clients.

UILOCATE design user experience / user interface for the web and mobile apps. Responsive website which provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen resolutions. Our Visual team at UILocate, conceptualise designing user experience / user interface design for the web and mobile apps.

Creating flexible websites optimised to all devices and browsers.

You can see below how these websites appears and responsive on different devices.

UILOCATE Flagship Projects